Hawaii Energy Financial Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects: Intermediate [Run Time 2.5 hr]


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Format: Online, on-demand streaming
Length: 2.5 Hours
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This session delves more deeply into the financial concepts learned in the fundamentals session. Students will learn how to model expected cash outflows and inflows over time, how to calculate a project's present value and other financial metrics, and how to generate compelling capital budgeting requests.


Anyone attempting to evaluate and/or lobby for expense-reducing capital projects; project development roles (e.g., engineers, vendors, manufacturers' reps); program managers; utility and/or regulator staffs attempting to set metrics for encouraging/approving energy projects; etc.


  1. Understand the differences between simple payback period (SPP), return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return (IRR), modified internal rate of return (MIRR), savings-to-investment ratio, net present value (NPV) and life-cycle cost analysis
  2. Know which of these financial metrics are appropriate for mutually exclusive versus non-mutually exclusive decision-making settings
  3. Understand when and how to migrate the discussion from "popular metrics" (e.g., SPP, ROI, IRR) to "proper metrics" (e.g., MIRR, SIRR, NPV) and how to explain the advantages of "proper" over "popular" to your prospects so that they appreciate the distinction and enthusiastically embrace proper metrics
  4. Calculate various financial metrics in the context of individual expense-reducing projects or packages of projects
  5. Explore the financial analysis of expense-reducing capital projects in landlord/tenant settings


0. Introduction
1. Moving From "Popular" to "Proper" Metrics to Drive Better Decisions
2. Relationship Between Present Value and Future Value
3. Finding the Right Numbers and Putting Them in the Right Place
4. Building Intuition and Sanity-Checking Financial Analyses
5. Applying the Metrics to Simple Scenarios
6. Generating Financial Analyses for Packages of Projects
7. Commercial Real Estate Effects: Who Pays/Benefits
8. Funding Projects
9. BONUS: Incorporating Business Acumen when Preparing Financial Analyses

Thanks to Hawaii Energy’s generous support, this training is available FREE*. In order to be eligible for this subsidy, trainings must be watched within 60 days of registration.

*Eligibility Criteria: Hawaii Energy is primarily interested in subsidizing the cost of these workshops for energy efficiency salespersons, architects, engineers, facility managers, property managers, property owners and finance professionals living or working in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Maui counties that are actively advancing energy efficiency projects.  Training will only be available for 60 days of registration. (Details will be provided during the registration process)

 If you are working in a different capacity, a student, currently unemployed and living or working in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Maui counties, we have a limited number of additional conditional sponsored seats available.

Contact us at info@eefg.com or (808) 333-7225 for more information on qualification. All registrations will be reviewed for eligibility within five business days of receipt.

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