Hawaii Energy Online Training Contest Winners Selected....

Two Contest Winners awarded Private Sales Coaching Sessions with Mark Jewell!

The lucky contest winners were selected at random, and each won a chance to become a sales Rockstar, just by watching the online training courses they registered for!

Congratulations to:

Sheri Higashionna of Carrier Hawaii, Kapolei, Oahu

Rolyn Domingo of Applied Engineering, LLC, Kahului, Maui

They will be meeting individually with Mark Jewell in September of 2015 for their Private Sales Coaching Sessions!  Both Prize Winners were contacted on July 7th. Congratulation to Sheri and Rolyn! 

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Prize Details: Both winners will be awarded...

  • A two-hour personal sales coaching session with Mark Jewell, (either for the individual or his/her sales organization), to be redeemed in September, when Mark is next in Hawaii. This in-person coaching session will be followed by a one-hour telephone consultation, both to ensure that the lessons learned are taking root, and to address any follow-up questions.
  • Each winner will be featured in Hawaii Energy's e-newsletter featuring their company, the award, and how the personal coaching session with Mark Jewell has helped turbocharge their success. Haven't yet signed up for Hawaii Energy's e-newsletters? Click here to subscribe to all three, and stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Contest Eligibility Rules: Everyone who registered for an online training course, AND who logged in and started viewing at least one of their classes by June 30th, was automatically entered into a drawing to win the grand prize. The more classes you viewed, the greater your odds were of winning...  a maximum of 11 entries per person was given to those registering for and viewing all of the online titles available. 

Not yet Registered for Online Training? Too bad! Enrollment is currently closed. But there is good news... Our online courses will re-open for enrollment this coming Fall. All 11 courses will again be offered at NO COST thanks to Hawaii Energy's sponsorship. Read more about our online training courses in our Course Catalog. 

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What's Next? Once you’ve completed the training, we’d really appreciate it if you would fill out a quick online evaluation. Your suggestions and insights into the most beneficial aspects of the training will help us to develop future workshops, so please, take a moment to share your thoughts. Your opinion is very important to us!

Links to Online Evaluations
Evaluating Past Results and Setting a New Course 
Communicating the Value of What You Are Selling
Key Skills of a Challenger
Understanding and Connecting With Your Prospect
Dispelling Myths and Objections to Build Rapport

Financial Analysis – Fundamentals
Financial Analysis – Intermediate
Financial Analysis – Advanced

Leveraging Benchmarking to Build Your Business
Making Efficiency Happen
Taking Control of Your Energy Use

We really appreciate your feed back on our online training courses!

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