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Mark Jewell and the Efficiency Sales Professional Institute can meet your custom training needs, from a single keynote address to a full calendar of educational offerings, complete with support services. Post-training success reports provide quantitative and qualitative evidence that attendees leave informed, engaged, entertained, fired-up, and ready to take action.

The most effective training is one that is tailored to the audience’s needs, delivers actionable learning, features memorable examples to anchor key concepts, and provides templates to ensure that best practices will be applied.  Each of our offerings delivers insights and skills that make attendees more successful the very next day.  We simplify training initiatives by not only delivering the course content and materials, but also providing supporting services as needed.

Examples of custom training include

  • A keynote presentation at your national conference
  • Private sales training for your staff
  • Customized training for your trade allies
  • Online training branded and/or modified for your organization

All of our standard courses can be modified to fit your unique needs; we often tailor the content to varying lengths and audience types.

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