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Recognizing that educating a new generation of energy conservation and efficiency sales and advocacy professionals could lead to a true energy efficiency industry, Hawaii Energy brought Mr. Mark Jewell of Energy Efficiency Funding Group (EEFG), a training and education services firm based in California, to conduct a Hawaii Energy Workshops Series for energy professionals.

Mr. Jewell conducts various education and training services teaching people how to drive efficiency by “connecting the dots” for decision-makers. He takes an innovative approach to teaching challenging topics. Participants leave informed, engaged, entertained, fired up and ready to apply what they learned. Participants learn to identify projects, increase participation in incentive programs, achieve greater energy savings, and make their (or their customers’) operations more competitive, profitable and valuable.

About Mark Jewell

Mark Jewell is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and nationally recognized subject matter expert, author, coach, and speaker focused on applying energy efficiency to create value. He supports other professionals and organizations in overcoming the barriers to implementing projects.

His experience includes over 30 years in commercial real estate and 20 years in energy efficiency.  Over the last two decades, he has influenced efficiency decisions in more than three billion square feet of North American real estate.  He is the founder and CEO of EEFG and a co-founder of the Efficiency Sales Professional Institute in San Francisco, CA.

Earlier in his career, Mark helped the US EPA deploy both the ENERGY STAR® Buildings Program for Commercial Real Estate and the Portfolio Manager® benchmarking tool. Mark is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he specialized in Economics and Finance.

Mark is the author of the Wall Street Journal best selling book Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get Projects Approved!. Available at www.JEWELLINSIGHTS.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other independent retailers.

The Efficiency Sales Professional Institute

The Institute focuses on teaching people how to drive efficiency by connecting the dots for decision-makers.  We take an innovative approach to teaching challenging topics.  Participants leave informed, engaged, entertained, fired-up, and ready to apply what they learned. All of our courses are designed to get attendees to take action…to identify and approve more projects…to increase participation in incentive programs…to post greater energy savings…and to make their (or their customers’) operations more competitive, profitable, and valuable.

Each of our offerings delivers insights and skills that make attendees more successful the very next day.  We simplify training initiatives by not only delivering the course content and materials, but also providing supporting services as needed. 

We aren’t your typical sales training firm.  The market is filled with trainers that claim to provide proven strategies for “consultative selling” and many other buzz terms.  Many of these training programs are created for large and varied audiences selling everything from Italian leather shoes to jetliners.  When it comes to applying general sales principles to the efficiency industry, it starts to get tricky.  Efficiency is a high-dollar intangible, no matter what you are selling.  Our curriculum artfully combines instruction on professional selling, financial analysis, segment-specific business acumen, and the energy efficiency industry. With three decades of interdisciplinary experience and a wealth of noteworthy client engagements to call upon, we are adept at creating value at the intersection of energy management, real estate, finance, operations, sustainability, and professional selling.

EEFG is an approved education provider by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) for the LEED Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). Available credits are indicated in individual course descriptions.



*The Efficiency Sales Professional Institute is an offering of Energy Efficiency Funding Group, Inc. (EEFG, Inc), founded in 1993. www.eefg.com


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