I've Been Cloned!

This week marks the 21st anniversary of my decision to create value in the efficiency industry.  Since then, I’ve been privileged to influence the energy-efficiency decision-making of three billion square feet of North American real estate – the equivalent of a thousand Empire State Buildings.

Several years ago I realized that I would have a much greater impact moving efficiency forward if I were to share both the success strategies and the “scar tissue” I’d developed over those two decades.  The Efficiency Sales Professional Institute was born.  Thousands of professionals have already benefited from our in-person programs.  Literally hundreds of those folks have asked me if had considered cloning myself…or at least putting videos of my trainings online.

While I’m still debating if I ever want to be mentioned in the same sentence as “Dolly the Sheep,” I’m excited to announce the debut of SellingEnergy.com, an online learning platform where you’ll find on-demand versions of our most popular courses that you can access wherever…whenever.

Visit SellingEnergy.com today and take advantage of the pre-order sale that is happening until May 1, 2014 when the first round of courses will officially be available.

Topics include:
  • Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively)™  
  • Financial Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects (Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced)
  • Benchmarking Using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (including the new comprehensive “The Ultimate Guide to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager")
  • And more!
View a sample of the Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively) course HERE

As a special gift we are offering FREE Ninja Gear!

For a limited time, you can get the Inspirational Quote Wall Poster, Little Black Book, a Quote Cards Gift Pack, and/or “make you memorable” lanyards at no-cost and we will even cover shipping!  Feel free to share the link with your friends and colleagues so they can get theirs too.

We also just launched a new eefg.com website and will soon be launching benchmarkinghelp.comwhere you will find our utility-sponsored ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking initiatives. 

If you have any questions or need group licenses for your staff, distributors, or customers, send us an email at info@eefg.com.

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