Innovation without Imitation

“Innovation without imitation is a complete waste of time.” – Mike Rowe
This is one of my favorite quotes from Mike Rowe (the “Dirty Jobs” guy), and it’s one that I find applies to all of us in the efficiency sales world.
Innovation is something that is universally recognized and celebrated. For us, this could be our innovative efficiency product or service, our unique approach to proposals and financial analysis, or any other factor that separates us from our competitors.
Imitation, on the other hand, is not a celebrated trait. In fact, it’s often looked down upon in the business world. So what does Mike Rowe mean when he says that innovation is nothing without imitation? He means that without the imitation of going door to door, making phone call after phone call, going from networking event to networking event, even the most innovative idea will get nowhere.
This quote, when applied to our roles as efficiency sales professionals, emphasizes the importance of the repetitive aspects of our work: making cold calls, going to networking events, sending email blasts and flyers to potential customers, and so forth. It’s a reminder that we should always be imitating so that our innovation gets the recognition it deserves.
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