Time is Money

One of the biggest roadblocks in getting efficiency projects approved is time. Busy people place a high value on their time, and even the most compelling value proposition can be shot down if the project requires too much investment of time and effort from the buyer.
One of our Efficiency Sales Professional Boot Camp graduates from San Francisco took this idea to heart and developed a business plan that would save his customers time and effort, making the decision to buy a no-brainer. He created a website that makes it easy to be in compliance with the city of San Francisco’s new benchmarking ordinance, which requires buildings over a certain size to be benchmarked once a year and audited every five years. So businesses that don’t have a director of sustainability and don’t know the first thing about benchmarking can go to the website, watch a short video, swipe their card, and streamline the whole process. On top of it all, he optimized the site so that it is extremely easy to find when searching the web for benchmarking services in San Francisco. As you can imagine, the business has seen great success.
I encourage you all to think about creative new ways to save your prospects and customers time and effort. Combine that with a compelling value proposition and your prospects will have no reason NOT to buy.
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